A collection of Charles’ other economic writings.

The Lovely Lady from Nestle: A new story about corporations, the people who work in them, and the stories they inhabit in our lives.

We Can’t Grow Ourselves out of Debt: An article published in the The Guardian.

Why Rio +20 Failed: These gatherings hold such promise. Why do they fail to create the profound change we need at this crucial time?

Money and the Divine Masculine: “The divine masculine wants to make love to the world. It wants to carry and protect what is beautiful. It wants to explore new territories and play beyond the edge of old boundaries. It wants to put its gifts in service with, not domination of, the divine feminine.”

Interview: Smart Money: From our cashless past, author Charles Eisenstein finds future solutions

To Build Community, an Economy of Gifts: For a multitude of reasons, we need to need each other.

Money: A New Beginning (Part 1) and (Part 2):

Money and the Crisis of Civilization:

Money and the Turning of the Age: Discusses the crucial concept of Sacred Economics: the shift in psychology and civilization of which the economic crisis is a part.

The Road to a Sacred Economy – A summary of the steps and transition necessary to a sacred economy. (excerpt from the book).

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